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Most Wanted .pngLaunched in 2015, Most Wanted Wines has just one simple vision: to get everyone enjoying the world’s most wanted wines. Sourced and blended from wineries across the globe, the range takes in some of the most wanted grapes and regions and makes them accessible to everyone.


We were the first UK brand to take the plunge with canned wine in a big way and we’re now leading the market with our range of still and lightly sparkling wine in cans, offering customers the same most wanted wines in light-weight, sustainable packaging that’s easy to consume and easy to enjoy.


Most Wanted dispense with all that pretentious wine-speak in favour of a no-nonsense approach to describing what’s in the glass. Less about wonderful bouquets and firm tannins, more about straightforward descriptions and easy food pairings that will help everyone get the most out of what’s in the glass. After all, that’s what’s most important isn’t it?


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