Sustainability at the OVO Hydro

The sustainability of events is more important than ever and we have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. As a world-class venue we are prioritising better outcomes for our clients, our community, and our environment through our sustainability strategy and our SEC Net Zero 2030 ambition.

Our strategy to reach net zero centres around five key goals: climate, governance, partnership, people and resource, each providing the focus for the work that lies ahead. Central to achieving the goal is the development of an ambitious energy strategy which will transition the venue to net zero. Actions around water efficiency, green travel, supply chain engagement and waste management are also being implemented.

Working with staff, organisers, partners and visitors forms part of the overall engagement plan to support the net zero journey. The team is already working closely with Glasgow City Council, and a number of consultants and organisations to deliver on the ambition.

Find out more about what we're doing at the OVO Hydro to help us reach our SEC Net Zero 2030 ambition.

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